Windows Vista ,but wait your turn

Windows Vista

Yes,Indeed a yet another great news from Microsoft,Let me take previlege to explain what Microsoft thoughts on Windows Vista release.So guys be ready for an yet another clarity in your computer world.Thanks CNN-IBN to provide an news on this,I watched this out today and found should be useful for you guys.

Faced with tough competition in the software market, Microsoft has released new versions of Windows and office for businesses, marking the beginning of several other products it plans to roll out over the next year in an effort to maintain its dominant position in the personal computer market.


Releasing the Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007 on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said the company plans to release a host of new products designed to enable businesses to thrive in a world of instant communication, expanding information and constant change.

Windows Vista and new office will initially be available for businesses and corporations to whom Microsoft expects to make substantial sales, but these will not arrive in consumer market until January 30, something which disappointed the PC makers who could have enticed the buyers during the yearend holiday season which sees maximum sales.


The new operating systems come after five years of release of the last version and after repeated delays, something Microsoft says it would correct now.


Ballmer said in addition to Vista and 2007 office, the company plans to release more than 30 new products for business customers. Ballmer said new versions of Windows, Office and Exchange Server 2007 are the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Microsoft and its customers. Real-life scenarios guided product development through feedback from customers who volunteered to let Microsoft watch them work in more than one billion user sessions.

 Note :During testing, customers from around the world downloaded more than five million beta versions of the products and provided valuable feedback and suggestions

For more about what to expect in the Vista beta, click here.

and hey if guys are virtual pc users please take look at this

Running Windows Vista Beta 1 under Virtual PC / Virtual Server
Running Windows Vista Beta 1 under Virtual PC 2004 SP1 / Virtual Server 2005 SP1 is quite straight forward – but there are a few issues to be aware of:

Windows Vista Beta 1 does not correctly identify the virtual hard disk when it is not partitioned.  To handle this you should start the installation, get to the hard disk partitioning page, partition and format your virtual hard disk, and then reboot the virtual machine.  The second time through Windows Vista Beta 1 will correctly identify the hard disk (now that it is partitioned).

Windows Vista Beta 1 does not have drivers for our emulated video card, SCSI adapter and sound card.  The video and SCSI drivers are installed as part of the Virtual Machine Additions – however there is no way to get our sound card to work.  The reason for this is because we emulate an ISA Sound Blaster 16 compatible card – and Windows Vista no longer has support for the ISA bus – let alone this card.

While the currently shipping Virtual Machine Additions will install on Windows Vista Beta 1, they do no contain performance enhancements for Windows Vista Beta 1, nor have they been tested on Windows Vista Beta 1.  We are currently investigating releasing updated beta Additions for Windows Vista Beta 1 (no promises though :-).

Virtual PC does not support the use of ISO images over 2.2GB in size (Virtual Server 2005 SP1 beta does), so if you are using Virtual PC you will either need to burn a physical DVD to install Windows Vista Beta 1, or use a virtual CD program on your host computer.

I hope you might got a great understanding what windows vista is going to offer for us,

See you in next post…


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