Microsoft Earth ..Say bye bye to Google Earth

Hello Guys,

I just returned from my home town on tuesday  after the pongal celebrations (hmm,I had a nice time… around).I have received an email from one my friend who is working at Microsoft in regards to the webrockstars contest.The contest winner can fly free of cost to Microsoft Head Office Richmond for the Annual TechFest Celebration but the only condition is you should be an Indian Web Developer/Designer.

The contest is on various areas like building an exciting Mashup using Microsoft Virtual Earth SDK, Gadget and Create useful and compelling user interfaces that are unique and forward thinking using Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer.

So I planned to create a Mashup using Microsoft Virtual Earth SDK which is really an exciting to work.Here is some of my experience during my development of Mashup.

The Virtual Earth platform is Microsoft’s next generation mapping and location service. It combines the MapPoint Web Service with exciting new innovations around bird’s eye, satellite and aerial imagery, map styles and usability as well as enhanced local search. The Virtual Earth platform has become the best solution available on the market for businesses and government customers.

Recently Microsoft has launched Virtual Earth 3D makes the power of Microsoft’s new online mapping platform available to Web developers as well as Live Search customers. Virtual Earth 3D provides developers with an immersive 3D application environment to implement searching, browsing and organizing local information. At launch, 3D terrain models are available globally, and 15 major U.S. cities boast textured building models.

A nice improvement was just released for Virtual Earth’s Birds Eye navigation at

Here is the screen shot


You can programme using the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK for your own business needs,click here to download .

Enjoy Microsoft Earth……


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