Develop Blackberry applications with ASP.NET 2.0

Flowfinity Blackbird is an add-on to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 that empowers ASP.NET developers to deliver “Wireless-Ready” applications for BlackBerry®. Using unique features of Visual Studio 2005, Blackbird shortens the BlackBerry application development learning curve for Microsoft .NET developers.

Blackbird benefits both users and developers, and the four major benefits are as follows:
  – Wireless-readiness built-in
  – Quality user experience
  – Zero learning curve development approach
  – Low deployment costs
Wireless-Ready – Applications created with Blackbird are resilient to loss of network coverage and are optimized for over-the-air data transfer.

Quality User Experience – Applications created with Blackbird provide a familiar BlackBerry user experience with native look-and-feel and feature integration with BlackBerry email and address book.

Zero Learning Curve Approach – Standard ASP.NET 2.0 controls are used for application development. No special developer training is required – any Visual Basic or Visual C# developer can create their first BlackBerry application in minutes.

Lowers Deployment Cost – Blackbird is available for developers at no charge, it only requires developers to use Visual Studio 2005, and no licensing fees are required for users of custom applications that are deployed. Applications can be deployed quickly and easily “over-the-air”.


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