Got my certification ! Get recognized by Microsoft

Wrote the exams for MCTS: 70-541 WSS 3.0, Application Development in November 2nd , and passed with a score of 966 followed by an email from MS congratulating me on passing my exams!

So there we go, I am officially certified for MOSS 2007 – although I must say that I would have preferred for a simulation exam rather then a multiple choice which anyone with a parrot memory could pass. Actually you need some experience with the product in order to pass.

I have opened a new page in my blog to help you guys to know more about the various Microsoft certifications read from there and earn your certifications.

6 thoughts on “Got my certification ! Get recognized by Microsoft

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  2. Hi uday I am planning to take 70-541 certification recently. I am having only a handful of experience in WSS . can u tell me wht are the questions asked in the exam.what is the passing percentage for the exam. My email id is

  3. Prasanna you need to work a lot and should have worked with different scenario,I will try to post some of the questions I have faced.

    Basically below are the areas you need to concentrate and thier percentage of coverage to earn the certification

    • Deploying Windows SharePoint Services and Custom Components (14%)

    • Creating Site and Feature Provisioning Components (20%)

    • Creating Metadata and Workflow Provisioning Components (15%)

    • Developing Windows SharePoint Services Components by Using the .NET Framework (17%)

    • Manipulating Site Content by Using the API (20%)

    • Manipulating Site Configuration by Using the API (14%)

  4. Hi Uday Thanks for the Reply.. If u post the questions u faced during the examination, it would help me for the preparation.and What is The total % required to Pass the Exam…. is it >65 % ….?

  5. hi uday
    i working in moss 2007 .i started working on object model only few days ago, i get a error in the following scenario,
    every day i got to upload certain files to sharepoint doc library, which i get thru mail, i am trying to automate the process of uploading. i refered to this post i wrote my uploaddocument in console application i was able to successfully upload that file. but when i tried to modify the metadata column , i get error in SPlists.list (not defined) i imported all namespace properly. can you please suggest me how to get rid of this error

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