Telerik RadControls::The road to Prometheus

ATLAS Compatibility


The Telerik suite of ASP.NET AJAX enabled  controls will eventually be replaced with new Telerik technology that is consistent with the  Microsoft  AJAX ATLAS  framework.  This technology will be known as RadControls  “Prometheus”.


Prometheus integrates much more closely with the Microsoft’s  AJAX ATLAS framework, and provides a richer programming model , Silverlight support and superior performance.

 Single Assembly

A single assembly  –   “Telerik.Web.UI.dll” simplifies the deployment


Prometheus is available now as a beta product. It is scheduled to be available as a commercial release  in Q1 2008 (March).The beta version most likely has some stability issues, so  consequently may not be  suitable for current production projects.

  Telerik Q3

On Dec 21, Telerik released RadControls ASP.NET 2007 Q3 . Where appropriate, we should upgrade our current projects to use the latest  version of Telerik controls. At this stage in the life cycle, each release includes optimization, and bugfixes and in an Agile environment there should be no reason to stay with outdated versions.


I have already started working with one our  projects.


Further information on Prometheus is available here –


Telerik Q 3 Release  ( What’s new and bug fixes)


 Enjoy using Telerik RAD Controls