Programmers Bunny .NET 3.0

I have got admired .NET 3.0 and its Suprising features for quite a long time from the day one its released,Basically Microsoft has released the .NET Framework 3.0 formerly known as WinFX. It combines the existing 2.0 framework with four awesome new features.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), formerly known as Avalon, is the new graphical framework for Windows and web based development. It provides the richer features of the Vista operating system, and provides a UI boundary for development.

The most significant feature is Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), which provides the workflow foundation for embedding workflow applications in any CLR based application. The WWF is also now available to XP and Windows 2003 Server operating systems as well.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), formerly called Indigo, is the new communication architecture to enable applications to connect over the network. Basically, this technology will combine .NET Remoting, Web Services, and Microsoft Message Queues into a single model.

Windows Cardspace is the replacement for Microsoft Passport, and provides a digital identity repository that can be interfaced by an application. This is also built into Windows Vista.

.NET 3.0 is completely combatable to .NET 2.0 applications, but adds important functionality for application developers.

If you are a Microsoft .NET programmer and if you still haven’t even read/worked on .NET 3.0 please do it ASAP,as soon the whole world is turning into .NET 3.0 applications.

Time to get into one of my deliveries today…meet you again with more information on WPF in my next article.


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