Implementing the content search in MOSS 2007

Do a full crawl to get the search working after you have added your custom columns to a list or document library.
Also you can customize the advanced search so that it can even search custom site column .Download the word document which contains the instructions to customize the search in MOSS 2007 Customizing Advanced Search

One thought on “Implementing the content search in MOSS 2007

  1. Hi Uday,

    May be u can help me!

    I am trying to maintain user session state across site and MOSS site

    I have created a FBA internet site in MOSS .
    i am able to add users from my aspnetdb database from sql server.

    i have also created a web site which uses the same aspnetdb user credentials to login . My idea is to maintain the session state between the two sites.

    ie. suppose i have logged into Site1( web site) and if i click a link in the site menu redirecting me to Site2(MOSS internet enabled site),
    i should not be asked to enter my credentials.

    may i have your mail id

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