BT Summit 2008 @ Bangalore Started in Grand Style

BT Summit

BT Summit

I had been this morning 8.30 am to the eagerly awaited BT Summit 2008 at Nimhans convention center and got registered. The inaugration ceremony was 10 mins late due to the Chief Guest got struck up in the bangalore traffic. The summit has been started with lightening the lamp by the chief guests Honourable Minister for Science & Technology, Shri. Asnotikar Anand Vasant &
Shri. M N Vidyashankar, CEO & E/o Principal Secy. to Govt., DPAR (Elections) .

Later the honurable chief minister given a welcome address and just briefed quickly about the software exports happening in Karnataka and I am so proud when he mentioned that 1/3 of software techies from india are working at Karnataka .More to enjoy was when he mentioned the plan to launch nano technology park which is really a great news for business enterprenurs,Software companies and IT enabled companies.

The first session started by 9.40 am with Manoj Saxena Vice President, Global Solutions and Assets, he leads the Business Solutions and Assets group for IBM’s industry solutions business. He was talking on a topic Business Transformation vs. SOA Transformation – Can I do Both? which was really good to know how the business needs can be transformed into SOA to take the advantages. He mentioned a real class example of telephone devices usage on later 1900 by plugging the jacks for to receive and send a call which is tightly coupled architecture and now we use mobile phones where when we press the call button the call gets immediately connected by identifying the services from the catalogue and creates a session until the call get hangs up which is loosly coupled architecture.

Corporations are transforming their business models in an attempt to increase revenue, operational efficiency and global competition by designing innovative business models and processes to be disruptive in their market space. The business leaders are looking for IT to provide and support the disruptive business models.

I will write more about the upcoming sessions in my next post…Watch out here


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