Checking Empty/NULL Values in MOSS Enterprise Search Query

Whenever you try to check “IS NULL” or “IS NOT NULL” in your custom search queries built on top of MOSS,will end up with this below error.


.Query machine ‘Machinename’ has been taken out of rotation due to this error: Values of this type are not turned into strings necessary to generate scope information. The item will not be locatable in all of the appropriate scopes but this is not a serious error. 0x80044100. It will be retried in 15 seconds. Component: 5d703224-7026-4523-aad9-dba9812182fa”


According to MSDN you can exclude NULL values using the IS NOT NULL predicate.  This is abosultely Wrong! by MS.

Running the query:
 SELECT {0} FROM SCOPE() WHERE \”scope\”='{1}'{2} AND Author =NULL

 SELECT {0} FROM SCOPE() WHERE \”scope\”='{1}'{2} AND Author  IS NULL

Will fail the query,So I recommend try to create some workaround for checking null values in your query until MS comes with a hotfix. Good Luck.

I remember a quote at this time “Never assume the obvious is true.”