Little upset with SharePoint 2010

I am really tired after trying to get a VPC for SharePoint 2010 and finally ended up with ,that the VPC doesn’t supports 64 bit OS. Keep finger crossed until we hear something from Microsoft.


VSTS Scrum Process Template

Codeplex scrum community project has created a Scrum process template that takes advantage the feature of Visual Studio Team System. Scrum is a powerful Agile methodolgy, that places the emphasis on people rather than documentation.

Click here to download

Windows Azure – A cloud services operating system

I am really happy and was in heaven when I heard the release of  Windows Azure which is a cloud services operating system that serve as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure Platform.

The platform includes the services like “Live Services”,”.NET Services”,”SQL Azure”,”SharePoint and CRM services”.

Benefits of the Windows Azure Platform

The Windows Azure Platform is designed to help developers easily create applications for the web and connected devices. The services platform offers the greatest flexibility, choice, and control in reaching users and customers while using existing skills.

 Millions of developers worldwide already use the .NET Framework and the Visual Studio development environment. Utilize those same skills to create cloud-enabled applications that can be written, tested, and deployed all from Visual Studio. In the near future developers will be able to deploy applications written on Rubyon Rails and Python as well.

 Applications can be deployed to the Windows Azure Platform with the click of a button. Changes can be made quickly and without downtime, making it an ideal platform for affordably experimenting and trying new ideas.

 The Windows Azure Platform enables to create web, mobile, or hybrid-applications that use the cloud with on-premises applications. Combined with Live Services ability to reach over 400 million Live users, new opportunities exist to interact and reach users in new ways.

The services platform supports industry-standard protocols, including HTTP, REST, SOAP, RSS, and AtomPub, for consuming, exposing, and integrating with third-party services. You can easily integrate applications built on a variety of different technologies and operating systems.

Windows Azure Contest

Microsoft Virtual Tech Days is conducting a contest for “best php application”,”best application” and “best community selected application” and winner will get grand prizes. Really its a great initative from Microsoft to develope applications using Windows Azure services.

The contest is open from 19-Aug to 16-Oct.

I am going to particpate and the solution is around the corner. If you want to particpate,click here to learn more.

When there is a change ,accept it (LINQ to SQL is most likely going to be replaced by .NET 4.0 Entity Framework)

As per ADO.NET Team Blog ,.NET 4.0 the Entity Framework will be the recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios.

The moral of this post is even though there are already lots of projects has been developed using Linq to SQL which is a very good O?R mapper tool,but still If there is a change for good,we shud accept it.