My experience with SharePoint 2013 so far…too good.

After such a long time I am back to my own blog ,all these days I was busy with Technet and MSDN blogs. I am exploring currently SharePoint 2013 for couple of RFIs. So decided to write about my SharePoint 2013 experience so far

In general model has stayed same as in previous version, Numerous platform level improvements and new capabilities.

  1. Shredded Storage
  2. SQL Improvements
  3. Cache Service
  4. Request Management
  5. Themes
  6. Sharing

Shredded storage

Shredded storage is a new data platform improvement in SharePoint 2013 related to the management of large binary objects (I.e. BLOBS such as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, Microsoft Word Documents, etc.).

Shredded Storage is both improves I/O and reduces compute utilization when making incremental changes to document or storing documents in SharePoint 2013.

Shredded Storage at its most basic is designed to ensure the write cost of updating a document is proportional to the size of the change, and not of the file itself.

Service applications in SharePoint 13

New service applications available and improvements on existing ones

Office Web Apps is no longer a service application

Web Analytics is no longer service application, it’s part of search

Enterprise Content Management

Site-level retention policies
Compliance levels extended to sites
Policies include:
Retention policy for sites and Team Mailbox associated with site
Project closure and expiration policy

Discovery Center
Designed for managing discovery cases and holds
Establishes a portal through which you can access discovery cases to conduct searches, place content on hold, and export content

Web Content Management

Support the tools and workflows designers use
Variations & Content Translation
Search Engine Optimization
Cross Site Publishing
Video & Embedding
Image renditions
Clean Urls
Metadata navigation


Classic and Contemporary views for mobile browsers
Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection
Target different designs based on user agent string
Office Mobile Web Apps
Push notifications


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