About Me

I am a recognized expert and experienced consultant on Microsoft’s SharePoint Products and Technologies. SharePoint and the Microsoft Office System are my 100% total focus. I speak at national conferences on SharePoint, write articles for SharePoint specific publications, teach leading-edge curriculum and work on real-world SharePoint design and deployment projects for my consulting clients.

I have conducted consulting engagements thru my employers where throughout U.S,UK and India for organizations that are as small as a few hundred employees up to Fortune 1000 companies, large academic institutions, and government agencies.

My areas of specialization include: SharePoint Extranet Consulting and Deployment SharePoint Site Provisioning Solutions SharePoint Branding Services Taxonomy and Information Architecture Development and Consulting

Some of the SharePoint projects that I have recently helped my clients with include: Large Manufacturer\Retailer – SharePoint Extranet implementation for a U.S.-wide business partner portal Large University – Design and implementation of a customized SharePoint-based portal to support the 20,000 students of a large university Medium-sized Commercial Construction company – Design and implementation of SharePoint-based portal for this company with multiple offices and roughly 300 employees. A main function of this portal was to facilitate knowledge-sharing in the company.

Specific areas of expertise include:

SharePoint Extranet Consulting and DeploymentMy experience in designing and deploying extranets using MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 is second to none. SharePoint’s rich feature-set make it a natural for collaborating with business partners and customers via the extranet. Microsoft has added new features to SharePoint 2007 that make it an excellent choice as a platform for an extranet. Unfortunately, the out-of-the-box solution is not complete and requires expert guidance to fully implement and utilize.


I am specialized on: Developing security strategies for the Extranet Architecting SharePoint Server farms for Extranet usage Configuring Forms-based authentication (FBA) Configuring alternate authentication providers (i.e. non-AD providers) Selecting and configuring tools to ease the burden of extranet administration Establishing governance best practices for the extranet sites Automating the process of new site request and provisioning

SharePoint Site Provisioning Solutions Many organizations need to be able to govern the process of

SharePoint site requests and provisioning – whether on their extranet or intranet. Out-of-the-box,

SharePoint 2007 does not provide tools for automating and managing requests for new collaboration sites. The administrative burden of manually managing these activities can be overwhelming in many organizations.

I have extensive experience with designing and implementing automated solutions for site request and provisioning.

SharePoint Branding

Does your SharePoint need an extreme makeover? SharePoint Solutions offers complete visual customization and branding services by talented visual designers who are experts in the not-so-intuitive science of applying outstanding visual designs to SharePoint. I have great expertise on  SharePoint customization project with custom: style sheets templates themes site definitions portal area definitions

SharePoint Taxonomy and Information Architecture Development and Consulting For many organizations, one of the most difficult tasks on a SharePoint project is to design a taxonomy strategy that addresses portal/site organization and navigation as well as an overall information architecture that specifies how content will be categorized, classified and tagged. One of the primary reasons this is difficult for many organizations is that there is no “cookbook” approach to this task that really works.

Instead, the best way to develop a taxonomy strategy and design is to pair knowledge of organizations content with knowledge of the functionality and capabilities of the software that will be used to develop the portal/sites. I can help you through this process by providing expertise I have gained from working on numerous design engagements as well as my deep knowledge of the taxonomy-enabling features of SharePoint

My favorite hobbies include playing Basket Ball,Cricket, hearing Music and especially Singing I am a great admirer of melodies,classical songs.

Keep watching this space for more posts and information, downloads, code samples, and much more ……..

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  1. hi i’m NooN

    i’m student from thailand.
    i’m very interest for your project.
    and i really need your sourcecode for study about anslysis services to make my web application connect with data mining model for mining by association role. but i’m very poor about how to connect with it. so i need your sourcecode to study.

    thank for reading.


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